USS Strong Emblem courtesy of Jack Courtney ET 2/C USNR

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Admiral James H. Strong
South Atlantic Squadron 1873-1875

     James H. Strong was born in Canandaigua, NY on 26 April 1814.

     On February 2, 1829, while a student in the Polytechnic College at Chittenango, NY, he was appointed a Midshipman in the United States Navy.   He made his first cruise on the Brazil station in Lexington from 1833 to 1835.   After various cruises, he commanded the store ship Relief in 1859.

     Strong was promoted to Commander in April 1861 and commanded Mohawk and Flag in the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron in 1861 and 1862, and Monongahela in the West Gulf Blockading Squadron from1863 to 1865.

     At the Battle of Mobile Bay, he was the first to ram the Confederate ironclad Tennessee and received high commendation for his initiative and valor.

     Strong served at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1866 and 1867 and later commanded Canandaigua in the Mediterranean Squadron in 1869 and 1870.   He was promoted to Rear Admiral in Sept. 1873 and served as Commander-in-Chief of the South Atlantic Squadron from 1873 to 1875.

     The U.S.S. Strong (DD467) was the first U.S. Naval Vessel to bear the name of Admiral Strong and was lost in the South Pacific in 1943.

     Admiral Strong  retired on 25 April 1876, and on 11/28/1882,   in Columbia, SC  joined our Lord above.

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